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SKYLIFE Realty - Markham Real Estate Agents|Monday, May 20, 2019


Selling Your Markham Property with SKYLIFE Real Estate

Even with indications that the Markham real estate market currently favours persons and investors with properties to sell, selling a property could not lead to maximum value when the services of experienced real estate agents are not engaged.  At SKYLIFE, as regards selling a home, our goal is to achieve the maximum value for the home, and this typically involves several phases of action.

The first course of action of a real estate agent in Markham is the evaluation of the property. This is a rate-determining step of the process of selling a home and is carried out by a real estate agent or a group of agents depending on the type of property and as per the request of the client. During the evaluation process, a thorough examination of the house is carried out. Then, a asking price is advised. This asking price is advised based on the value of the home. When advising this asking price, the agent also keeps achieving the maximum value of the property as well as the goals of the client in mind.

During the evaluation, the strong points as well as the weaker points of the property are also noted. With these information, a strategy for selling the home is then developed. This strategy is aimed at placing the property at the appropriate point in the real estate market as well as getting the attention of buyers that will be interested in the property. With the knowledge of the local market which is a major advantage every SKYLIFE real estate agent offers, the strategy for selling the property is developed and applied.

After evaluating a property and determining where best it will fit into the real estate market, the strategy is then applied. The application of the strategy typically starts with preparing the house for the visit of prospective buyers. This process includes renovating the house and including features that may be necessary to attract prospective buyers. To ensure that a property is in its best form for its prospective buyers, a specialized team is usually in charge of the redesigning process.

The redesigning phase is typically followed by the marketing phase. A sale is bound to go differently if the right audience is not aware of the sale. The role of a SKYLIFE real estate agent includes getting the attention of the right audience by applying proven methods and deploying established tools.

Methods and tools applied include the traditional ones and the digital and high-tech ones. The goal when marketing every property that is put up for sale by the SKYLIFE team is ensuring that as many persons that may be interested as possible as aware of the sale and involves processes such as listing in established platforms and organizing virtual tour.

The SKYLIFE selling experience is simply aimed at the ensuring that the maximum value of the property as well as the best interests of the client are achieved. Applying  skills, experience and an expert knowledge of the local market, every member of the SKYLIFE team is achieve the SKYLIFE selling experience.